Q?Who are Reality Film?

We are a family based filmproduktion company whose core consists of Renzo Aneröd, Hanna Aneröd and Nadine Aneröd.
As expansive filmmakers we have a close collaboration with several brilliant creators in the film’s various fields. Some collaborators are Helena Nygren and her production company SannFilm which has made several documentaries for national and international television, the price award-winning Peter Birro which counts as one of Swedens best screenwriters, the dramaturgist and screenwriter Oskar Söderlund whos specialty is tv-series, the legendary Stefan Jarl and the young promising Emelie Lundström.
We are always openfor collaboration with inspiring people that has a unique driving force or competence.

Q?What is the producer Renzo Aneröds background?

Renzo Aneröd is a Swedish writer and a documentary filmmaker and he has through his books and movies emerged as one of Sweden’s foremost modern contemporary writer, primarily in the subject subculture.

His novels are ”Löftet”, the bestseller ”Vildsvinet” and ”Fiender”.

His movies are ”Under en blågul himmel” (”Under a dark sky”), ”Islams barn i folkmhemmet” (”Children of Islam”) and ”Jag vill inte leva detta livet” (”I don’t want to live this life”). (Which he made together with Bo Harringer)
Children of Islam and I don’t want to live this life have been shown on Swedish television (SVT) in prime time with a great number of viewers.

Renzo is also a columnist and has written for several Swedish newspapers and radio stations.

Opinions about Renzo Aneröds works

When Renzo Aneröd received Gothenburg Cultural Award was the citation as followed:

”Renzo Aneröd raises the burning social issues with courage, clarity and with a very powerful motivation. With his documentary films and novels, he seeks to create contact between parties that may not be successful in their dialogue towards each other in reality and who previously denied each other’s existence. Through Renzo Aneröds art the reality becomes a little more real. It is poignant and close, it takes place in Gothenburg right now – it’s abysses that are exposed and bridges that is being built.”

Some Prizes and Awards

• “Best documentary ” DeREEL Independent Film Festival, Australien 2008. “Islams barn i folkhemmet” (Children of Islam)
• “ABF Culture Award” 2008. (Together with Bo Harringer)
• “Silverpocket” för Vildsvinet, 2009. (Among the best selling novels 2009)
• Renzo Aneröd received “Gothenburg Cultural Award” 2010.
• “Roy cinema stipendium” 2010.

Renzo Aneröd is now working with Reality Film and new movies and book projects.

Q?Where are Reality Film?

We have our base in Sweden with the world as a working field.


Q?What does Reality Film?


First of all documentaries and fiction films about subjects and people who touches and create commitment and debates.
But we also make commercials, mostly in the world of sport because it is artistically challenging and appealing to film sports and we strive to love alla our missions whether we make documentaries, fiction films, art films or commercials.


Q?Can one hire Reality Film?

Yes. If time is available and if we find the mission interesting it’s possible to hire us.

Q?Is it possible as a film production company in a different country then Sweden to collaborate with Reality Film?

Yes. We are happy to collaborate with filmmakers and film production companys in other countries. Collaboration makes us stronger. Send us an e-mail at info@realityfilm.org.

Q?How to contact Reality Film?

Email: info@realityfilm.org
Phone: +46708185676